Planning Board Info – Agenda and Minutes

Steps to gain Town approval of your business idea:

-Click the Site Plan Application at the right. After completing it, submit it to the Zoning Enforcement Officer (ZEO).

– After the ZEO has determined that your Site Plan Application is complete and complies with the Zoning Law he will forward it to the Planning Board for review.

– The Planning Board will contact you to have you attend their next meeting.

  1. Planning Board Meetings are held at the Town Hall Meeting/Court Room on the first Thursday of every month at 7 pm.
  2. At your first Planning Board meeting you’ll be required to submit 2 separate checks: One $100 check for the Application fee and one $30 check for the Escrow fee.
  3. Also, if you do not own the property on which you are planning to conduct the business on, you will need a letter from the owner stating you have permission to do so.

– If the Planning Board approves your site plan, you will then need to go to the Code Enforcement Office/Building Department and file for a Building Permit.


Ray Pacifico
Chairman (518) 701-4823

Diane Newkirk
Secretary Clerk

Planning Board Position Term Length
Ray Pacifico Chairperson 2017-2018
Ed Forrester Member 2018-2024
Allen Veverka Member 2014-2020
Beth Hansen Member 2016-2022
Joseph Hasenkopf Member 2015-2021
Kevin Hicks Alternate Member 2017-2018
Diane Newkirk Secretary Clerk 2017-2018

Did you know...

Did you know...

Thomas Cole (founder of the Hudson River School) was commissioned to paint five landscapes of the northern Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River during the summer of 1827.  ‘View of the Round-Top in the Catskill Mountains’ subtitled ‘Sunny Morning on the Hudson’ is the only one of the five that faces the river from the west.  His vantage point overlooks the southern hamlets of Purling, Round Top, and South Cairo from a point higher up Blackhead Mountain.

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