Town Court

Monday – Wed – Thurs – Fri 9AM – 1PM
Tues – 9AM – 12PM        Closed Holidays


Court is in session on Tuesdays
Location: Town Hall Court/Meeting Room

Honorable Tanja Sirago
Town Justice

Honorable Leland E. Miller
Town Justice

Joan VanDenburgh
Senior Court Clerk
518-622-3120 ext. 251

Kathleen Costanzo
Deputy Court Clerk
518-622-3120 ext. 251





In regards to Small Claims matters, the Courts will provide you with information. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO OTHER CIVIL MATTERS. If you are not knowledgeable in the correct procedures involved in the proper filing and defense of Civil Matters, including Summary Proceedings and Evictions to handle these matters on your own, it is suggested that you contact an attorney for assistance.

We are not a legal service and cannot advise you. In the best interest of all parties involved, please do not init that we do. 

Greene County District Attorney’s Office handles: Felonies, misdemeanors, AG and marketing, and New York State Police tickets.

Greene County Sheriff, Cairo Police and EnCon Department handles: all infraction tickets issued by department.

Types of cases:
Vehicle traffic law (VTL) and misdemeanor tickets, Penal Law (PL) cases, EnCon violations, transportation laws, AG and Marketing laws, Town of Cairo Local Law cases, Small Claims and Evictions.

Within the court security you will be processed through a metal detector. NO cell phones or electronic devices are allowed in the court room.

Did you know...

Did you know...

Thomas Cole (founder of the Hudson River School) was commissioned to paint five landscapes of the northern Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River during the summer of 1827.  ‘View of the Round-Top in the Catskill Mountains’ subtitled ‘Sunny Morning on the Hudson’ is the only one of the five that faces the river from the west.  His vantage point overlooks the southern hamlets of Purling, Round Top, and South Cairo from a point higher up Blackhead Mountain.

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