24 hours. Dial 911-Emergencies

Patty Asaro
Billing Manager
518-622-3120 ext 116

Reay Mahler
Ambulance Administrator
518-622-3120 ext 131

Town of Cairo Ambulance

Town of Cairo Ambulance


Mahler, Reay


Brucato, Steve
Burgher, Matt
Dominick, Judy
Feml, Ray
Haller, Robert
Hejnal, Ryan
Hotaling, Sean
Kropp, Mike
Lendin, Rich
McAneny, Patty
Myers, Phil
Pugsley, Patrick
Schelling, Wally
Scotti, Jeanie
Smith, Wayne
Stanfield, Rick
VanAuken, Vangie
Vanderbeck, Rick


Buckley, Gerry
Feml, Brian
Feml, Joe
Holt, John
Did you know...

Did you know...

Cairo is home to the oldest geologic site in the world, with evidence of a prehistoric forest dating back roughly 387 million years. In 2012, an archaeological dig at a stone quarry on town property discovered the remains of some of the earliest trees to evolve.  These Devonian period fossil root systems form the footprint of an ancient stand of trees belonging to the world’s oldest known forest. Evidence of an extinct, palm-like tree named cladoxylopsid was discovered, as well as conifer relative (archaeopteris) that may be the missing link between trees that reproduce with spores (like ferns) and the seed bearing trees we know today.

(Photo from: Claude Haton.)