Town Court

Justice Court is in session on Tuesdays  
Court office is closed on all Federal Holidays

Location: Cairo Town Hall

512 Main St., Cairo, New York   12413

Mailing Address:  PO Box 755, Cairo, NY   12413

Phone:  518-622-3388  extension 251

Fax:  518-622-0172


Honorable Tanja Sirago
Honorable Leland E. Miller


Joan, Senior Court Clerk
Kathleen, Deputy Court Clerk


* Please note the above e-mail address is not regularly monitored, and may not be utilized for purposes of adjournment requests or requests for information.  You must call the court office during regular business hours and speak with a court clerk.

* Town Justices are available to perform marriage ceremonies on an appointment basis. Please contact the court office for more information.  You may also consult the Town Clerk’s webpage on this website for information with regard to the requirements for applying for a marriage license or refer to the New York State Department of Health website at:

* For assistance with court proceedings including procedures and forms, please refer to the “Important Links” section of this webpage. You may also find assistance including do-it-yourself forms and free legal referrals at the following link:

* No court filings will be accepted and/or processed during court sessions – no exceptions. Court filings will only be accepted at the court office during normal business hours.



In regards to Small Claims matters, the Court will provide you with information. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO OTHER CIVIL MATTERS. If you are not knowledgeable in the correct procedures involved in the proper filing and defense of Civil Matters, including Summary Proceedings and Evictions, it is suggested that you contact an attorney for assistance. Court personnel are prohibited by law from providing legal advice and/or assisting in the completion and filing of legal forms as well as instructing litigants how to proceed.

We are not a legal service and cannot advise you. In the best interest of all parties involved, please do not insist that we do. 

Types of Cases Handled:
NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) infraction, misdemeanor and preliminary felony proceedings, NYS Penal Law (PL) violations, misdemeanors and preliminary felony proceedings, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (EnCon) offenses, NYS Transportation Law offenses, NYS Agriculture and Markets Law offenses, Town of Cairo Local Law offenses as well as Small Claims and Eviction matters.

The Greene County District Attorney’s Office prosecutes felony and misdemeanor offenses, Agriculture and Markets Law offenses as well as traffic summonses issued by the New York State Police.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Department, Cairo Police Department and Department of Environmental Conservation Police prosecute infraction tickets issued by each department, however the District Attorney has discretion with regard to the prosecution of these matters on a case by case basis.

The Cairo Town Attorney prosecutes all Town Ordinance and Local Law violations and misdemeanors.

All individuals in attendance for court sessions, including spectators, will be subject to a search of their belongings as well as magnetometer (metal detector) scanning prior to entering the courtroom by court security personnel. NO cell phones or electronic devices are allowed in the court room.

All proceedings are electronically recorded at the bench, therefore all other conversations in the courtroom are prohibited. This policy is strictly enforced. Court personnel may ask any person causing a disruption to exit the courtroom at the Judge’s direction and/or his or her discretion.

* No court filings will be accepted and/or processed during court sessions – no exceptions. Court filings will only be accepted at the court office during normal business hours.

Did you know facts.

Did you know...

The Cairo Historical Society’s Home Town Hero project recognizes the service and sacrifice of over 250 of our locally-born Soldiers, Sailors, Fliers, Coast Guards, and Marines.  Street side banners provide a continual memorial throughout every hamlet in the town. Veterans from the French & Indian War to our most recent deployments are honored by family, friends and local businesses.