Community Project Page Updates & Goals

This page is dedicated to giving the Community a list of various projects the town is currently working on and updates on the progress we are making. Keep up to date on all the happenings and improvements around town as we begin to revitalize Cairo. Also stay in touch by following us on Facebook!

Sidewalk Project
1) The Town currently has secured grant money of $75,000 to be used towards the new sidewalks for Cairo.
2) Town has also been awarded additional funding through DOT for $551,000 in grant funds for the Sidewalk Project.
3) The sidewalk will run from the Elementary School down to Hannaford. It will also lead to a walking path where the former Canajoharie and Catskill Rail Road line used to be. It will be called the Mountaineer Trail.
4) Construction work underway and is scheduled to be completed by November 2020.

Solar Farm Project – In Progress
A solar farm will be established on town property (not visible from any road or view shed). Residents in the Town of Cairo and the sewer district will benefit from the revenue received. One of the primary benefits of the revenue stream will be to offset costs of the sewage treatment plant facility.

Greene County Youth Fair – In Progress
We are actively working with the Greene County Youth Fair to envision enhancements to the Town Park and its facilities.

Cairo’s Water Infrastructure Project – Completed

1) Secure a new additional water source for the Town sites
2) Replacement of old clogged and leaking water pipes in Town
3) Install most water meters with a remote reading capacity
4) Replace the current water tank

Soccer Fields
The new soccer field located on Mountain Avenue has been completed and is being used.

Street Light Change Over
Work continues on the street lights, when they burn out they are being replaced by more cost effect lighting.

Tax Assessment Grace Period
The town is looking to pass a local law that would give property owners a specific grace period on the assessment of their property when they have made improvements to their property. This was passed December of 2019.

Dog Park Upgrades
The new dog park is up and running! There is now a big dog park and a little dog park both with double gates for security. There are new dog park rule signs at each fenced area. These are there to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time at the park.

Town Standards
The Town Board continues to review and improve standards, policies, & laws for the town while maintaining a fiscally responsibility to the Town residents.

Building and Code Enforcement
The building and code department has been actively enforcing the town’s building and code laws.

We are supporting our local organizations: Cairo Development Foundation, Cairo Historical Society, Greene County Chamber of Commerce, Cairo Durham Little League, American Legion, Boy Scouts Troop 43, Greene County Department of the Aging, Greene County Pop Warner, The Rip Van Winkle Soccer Club/Northern Catskill Youth Association, Columbia Greene Community College, Cairo-Durham School District