Community Project Page Updates & Goals for 2017 – 2018

This page is dedicated to giving the Community a list of various projects the town is currently working on and updates on the progress we are making. Keep up to date on all the happenings and improvements around town as we begin to revitalize Cairo. Also stay in touch by following us on Facebook!

Cairo’s Water Infrastructure Project
Part of the $2.4 million dollar funding will be used to:
1) Secure a new additional water source for the Town
2) Replace the old clogged and leaking water pipes in Town
3) Replace any and all water meters with a remote reading capacity
4) Replace the current water tank

Sidewalk Project
The Town currently has secured grant money of $75,000 to be used towards the new sidewalks for Cairo
1) The Town has applied for another grant through DOT for additional funding
2) The sidewalk will run from the Elementary School down to Hannaford

Town Hall Annex
The Annex building will be completed and open for business in the fall of 2017.

New Ambulance Building
More information to come on this project – Looking to start in 2017.

New Sign Installation
The Town’s new electronic and digital sign will be installed this spring

Senior Center Recreation Area
The Town Park will be adding a senior recreational area in the Cairo Town Park
1) Tentatively scheduled to be added are shuffle board and bocce ball.

Soccer Fields
1) Starting as soon as final grant approval is given, the soccer fields near the Emergency Center, will start to have work done on them.
2) The Town of Cairo obtained a matching grant fund from the Bank of Greene County to assist with the work.

Mountain Avenue View Shed
Started by the Mountain Avenue Project group members this project is geared to open up the view of the Catskill Mountains
The project began in late 2016 and expects to be complete by 2018 or 2019 at the latest. This is a scenic pull off with a kiosk and
bench for viewing the mountain range.

Street Light Change Over
Work has begun on the street lights, when they burn out they are being replaced by more cost effect lighting.

Zoning Review
There has been a concerted undertaking of reviewing and revamping the current zoning laws that were passed last December.
Workshops have been held and adjustments have been made. The newly completed zoning laws will be presented to the Town
in the spring of 2017.

Tax Assessment Grace Period
The town is looking pass a local law that would give property owners a specific grace period on the assessment
of their property when they have made improvements to their property. This will be done in 2017.

Solar Farm Viability
The Town is considering allowing a solar farm on Town property to reduce the energy source and provide a source of revenue.

Good Energy
Reviewing an aggregation program reducing electric bills to residents by supplying an alternative electric supply source.

Modernizing the Highway Vehicle Fleet
In 2017 the Town Board will be reviewing ways to help modernize the town’s highway departments vehicle fleet.

Insurance Plans
Substantial costs savings with changing the insurance plans for the Highway Department.

Dog Park Upgrades
UPDATE: Beginning May 1st the dog park will be closed for 1 week to complete the changes to the dog park. Follow us on Facebook and stay updated!

The amount of use and attendance in the dog park has gone up over the years and with that it has begun to deteriorate.
1.) New fencing to be installed
2.) Existing poles will be repainted
3.) A double latched door system will be installed
4.) A small dog park will be created at one end of the dog park with a gate

Community Gardens
The community gardens in the park are open to all residents for use. Buildings, Parks and Grounds will be getting the area ready
for use. Sign up will be required and there will be four classes taught by a horticulture specialist and avid gardener.

Town Standards
The Town Board continues to review and improve standards, policies, & laws for the town while maintaining a fiscally responsibility
to the Town residents.

Building and Code Enforcement
The building and code department has been actively enforcing the town’s building and code laws.

We are supporting our local organizations: Cairo Historical Society, Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Greene County Chamber of Commerce, Cairo Durham Little League, American Legion, Boy Scouts Troop 43, Greene County Department of the Aging, Greene County Pop Warner, The Rip Van Winkle Soccer Club/Northern Catskill Youth Association, Columbia Greene Community College, Cairo-Durham School District, Cairo Development Foundation