A Desire to Make People Happy Is Delightful Bites by Nina’s Key to Success

Who doesn’t love delicious and delightful treats? Delightful Bites by Nina opened its doors at 597 Main Street in Cairo, NY to give their customers that wonderful unforgettable feeling of the first bite of a perfect treat.

Nina Heath’s motto is that everything is done from the heart, which she has closely followed throughout her life. She grew up baking at home with her mother in Catskill. Like many other families, recipes are often passed down to continue memories and traditions. Nina’s mother always said to “do what makes you happy” which has influenced most of her business decisions.

In 2019, her passion finally turned into a business out of her storefront in Cairo, She seamlessly transitioned into this previous Antique and Gift Shop from her home kitchen. Nina never thought that baking would be her career move but she decided to pursue culinary school to follow her dream.

Despite COVID-19 affecting businesses, Delightful Bites by Nina has remained open in Greene County. More people want to shop locally and support smaller business owners. Nina was considered an essential business but also took advantage of her local ties to sell her products in more retail spaces. See + Be Kitchen on Route 145 sold her muffins, bread and cookies and Kuhar Family Farm in Rensselaerville sells her products as well. “It’s really exciting seeing Cairo making an effort to begin expanding businesses…the small-town feel is great.”

Her Main Street Location was completely revamped including the addition of chilled display cases and a full commissary kitchen equipped with everything Nina needs to make every bite delightful.

Nina’s creativity and local following has kept her business thriving. For this holiday season, Nina is busy preparing home decorating cookie kits, festive cakes, and her mother’s popular cake recipes.

During the Holidays, baked goods become increasingly popular. It is a way for people to connect emotionally and ultimately spreads joy. It’s not just about the final product that makes people happy, it is the thoughtfulness, the amount of work, and creativity. Recipes can also be an integral part of our family history and traditions.

Her number one seller is her mother’s crumb cake followed by the apple crumb cake and cheesecake. Nina also has bagels and muffins available for Christmas or New Year’s morning.

Stop in and visit Wednesdays through Fridays from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm, and Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm.  Pre-order your desserts and delights by visiting https://bitesbynina.com/


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