Board of Ethics Review

Donald Gibson, Sr




Committee Members Position Term Length
Donald Gibson Sr Chairperson 2/22/15 - 2/22/18
Joseph Kames Member 2/22/15 - 2/22/18
Kathleen Passaro Member 2/22/15 - 2/22/18
Barbara Annis Member
Did you know facts.

Did you know...

Native wildlife has been expanding steadily in our region since the mid-1970s. Residents and visitors are very familiar with the large White-tailed Deer population in Cairo, and Black Bear sightings are not uncommon.

Rarely seen species on the rise include the Bobcat, Red & Grey Foxes, and even the Canada Lynx.

Smaller mammals like Beavers, Raccoons, Muskrats & Skunks abound, and we now even catch glimpses of Fishers, Martins, and Otters in our midst.

(Photo from: Tim Christie.)